OK! Kimonos
KIDS Premium Tiger BJJ Gi


Finally! A kids BJJ gi with all of the features that you've come to love on adult gis.

Artwork by famed BJJ artist and gi designer Meerkatsu!

  • The gi won't be too scratchy
  • The gi won't be too hot for your child
  • They'll be excited to wear their gi and to go to class
  • The gi will fit them properly
  • The pants will not come untied every 5 minutes during training.


  • Super-soft lightweight PEARL weave jacket
  • Soft cotton pants with a PEARL weave gusset
  • Stretchy rope (cord) drawstring
  • Awesome embroidery and patches
  • Orange and yellow contrast stitching
  • Fully preshrunk


U.S. Sizing
M0 - 3'7"-3'11" 40-60lbs
M1 - 3'10"-4'3" 55-75lbs
M2 - 4'2" - 4'7" 65-85lbs.
M3 - 4'6 - 4'10" 75-95lbs.
M4 - 4'9" - 5'1" 85-115lbs.

Metric Sizing
M0 - 109-119cm 18-27kg
M1 - 117-130cm 25-34kg
M2 - 127-140cm 29-39kg
M3 - 137-147cm 34-43kg
M4 - 145-155cm 39-52kg

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