Koral Original Kimono


Sold Out

A new addition to the Koral collection!

  • 100% Brazilian Cotton. 100% pre-shrunk!
  • Approved for use in all IBJJF and CBJJF Federation tournaments
  • Lightweight durable gi top with Koral’s special cotton canvas reinforced pants. No more unusable light pants like other brands. Perfect for training or competition.
  • Slightly lighter fabric and looser fit compared to the other Koral gi’s (Please see new size chart)
  • Koral logo embroidered on the sleeves.
  • The gi top is made with one piece of fabric with no seam in the back, providing strength, comfort and durability.
  • Lapel has EVA foam rubber inside to help keep it soft, make the gi dry faster and to help prevent bacteria and fungus from developing.
  • The gi cut allows unrestricted movement but also keeps the gi fitted and hard to grab.
  • Belt NOT included.

Tip: washing after use may increase its durability. Follow washing instructions on the label.
Do not use bleach. Cold wash. Tumble dry in gentle cycle. Air drying is recommended.

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