Hayabusa Ikusa Shinguards Black

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The new Ikusa™ Shin/Instep guard from Hayabusa® offers the perfect combination of protection and mobility. Made with a light weight high resiliency inner core that is pre-molded to match the contour of your leg, the Ikusa™ Shin/Instep Guards deliver maximum impact absorption while providing an ideal striking and grappling surface, making them the perfect cross-functional shin guard. Each pair is constructed with a high quality perforated neoprene backing that is integrated with the innovative fullback design and secure closure system. This ensures full breathability, with zero shifting.


  • Breathable fullback design and secure closure system for the ultimate fit with zero shifting 
  • Provides maximum protection and optimal mobility 
  • Ergonomically engineered to deliver the perfect striking surface 
  • Designed for all types of combat training

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