Ikusa Recast 14oz Gloves


Ikusa Recast 14oz Gloves

Redesigned Combat Performance
The popular Ikusa® Series has been upgraded. The new Ikusa® Recast™ 14oz. Training Gloves are engineered to push your training to the next level. Whether working on sparring, bag or pad work, these high-quality gloves will fully protect hands and wrists while still providing ultimate speed and power.

Exclusive Technologies Deliver Superior Support
Hand-crafted with the patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure, these redesigned gloves provide superior fit, wrist / hand support and striking dynamics. Ikusa®Recast™ 14oz Training Gloves are also equipped with an ultra-reactive inner core complex,  advanced moisture wicking interior lining which provides the ultimate in hand protection. Not to mention, weighing a full 2 ounces less than our traditional sparring gloves, they deliver extreme speed while training.


  • Equipped With the Patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure for Advanced Wrist Support and Maximum Striking Power.
  • Redesigned Ergonomic Thumb Position Eliminates Awkward Strain On Both Thumb And Wrist.
  • Designed With High-Quality Engineered Leather and Exclusive Inner Lining for Perfect Fit and Feel.
  • Superior to Regular Gloves for Performance and Protection.
  • Recommended Primarily For Sparring and Heavy Bag Training / Pad Work.
  • Sharp, New Look. Same Superior Protection.

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