Goorudo Gold Weave


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High-Performance Gi Designed to Outperform the Competition
Hayabusa® set out to create the best competition gi possible and did just that with the development of the new Goorudo™ Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi. Designed with 550-gsm gold spec-weave material and reinforced with double-stitching throughout the jacket and pants, this high-performance gi simply outperforms the competition.

Superior Strength, Durability & Performance
Delivering the durability of a double weave and the breathability of a single weave, the Goorudo™ Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi gives you the tactical edge you need. For superior strength, durability and maneuverability, upgrade to the new Goorudo™ Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi today!


  • Reinforced with Double-Stitching Throughout Jacket and Pants.
  • Designed with 550-gm Gold Spec-Weave Material and 12oz Twill Cotton for Superior Strength and Durability.
  • Lightweight for Ultimate Maneuverability.
  • Traditional Branded Patch Detailing.


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