Recast 4oz MMA Gloves
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Redesigned Combat Performance
The popular Ikusa® Series has been upgraded. The new Ikusa® Recast™ 4oz. MMA Gloves are engineered to keep your hand and wrists protected during training and competitions. From training day to fight night, these premium competition-level gloves deliver the fit, comfort and protection you need during training. Increase your speed and develop more dynamic striking abilities while keeping hands and wrists secure.

Exclusive Technologies Deliver Superior Support
Hand-crafted with the patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure, these redesigned gloves provide superior fit, wrist / hand support and striking dynamics. Also equipped with an ultra-reactive inner core complex, advanced moisture wicking interior lining which provides the ultimate in hand protection and comfort.


  • Tested and Approved - Official Regulation Weight 4oz Mixed Martial Arts Gloves For Competition or Training.
  • Designed With Y-Volar™ To Keep Glove Secure To the hand for maximum stability and responsiveness
  • Equipped With Patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure for Advanced Wrist Support for Maximum Striking Power.
  • Designed With High-Quality Engineered Leather and Exclusive Inner Lining for Perfect Fit and Feel.

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