PTS3 Focus Mitts


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The right size for any type of training. The teardrop shape helps avoid unwanted wrist torque from potential miss hits. It has a reinforced spine to maintain its curve and prevent foam breakdown. These will be your go to Focus Mitts, drill after drill, for years to come.


The all black sleek look of these focus mitts will blend in flawlessly into your gym environment. How comfortable and cool these feel when you put them on. The way these can take hit after hit and still protect your hands and perform like they were new.

More stuff we love: non-absorbing material which makes it easy to maintain clean for longer. Its breathable mesh, bigger target, no recycled foam and grip ball.

Height: 10 in
Width: 7.5 in
Depth (back to front): 2 in
Weight: 12 oz

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