Muay Thai Bag Gloves
Black and Gold


Optimal for Tactical Bag Training and Pad Work
The advanced design of the all-new Premium Muay Thai Striking Gloves by Hayabusa® are specifically designed to help reduce injuries during tactical bag training and pad work. Engineered with low-profile, high-density padding, the Premium Muay Thai Striking Gloves protect your hands while still allowing you to feel punches for enhanced performance progression.

The Protection You Demand with the Performance You Want
Like the rest of the Hayabusa® Premium Muay Thai line, these premium striking gloves also
come equipped with a full-wrist elastic Velcro closure system for enhanced support and mobility and exclusive Vylar® Engineered Leather exterior to ensure unmatched comfort and durability.


  • Lightweight & Low-Profile Padding for Peak Performance.
  • Wrap-Around Elastic Strap for Enhanced Mobility & Convenience.
  • Exclusive Vylar® Engineered Leather for Long-Lasting Durability.
  • Designed to Optimize Performance During Bag Training & Pad Work.

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