Metaru Performance Shorts


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Exclusive High-Performance Technology.
Train with the unparalleled durability and comfort of the all-new Metaru™ Performance Shorts. Constructed with exclusive high-performance technology and reinforced T3 stitching, Metaru™ Performance Shorts are designed to help you outperform the competition time and time again.

Strength and Durability with the Added Benefit of Comfort
Metaru Performance Shorts are not only built to last, they’re built for comfort. Equipped with the innovative tie system and inner grip waistband, the new Metaru™ Performance Shorts always fit securely in place. Plus, with split side seams and stretch fabric, they also deliver the mobility you need during training. Not to mention, the durable fiber-fused graphics on these well-designed shorts act as a perfect training partner to the popular Hayabusa Metaru 47™ Silver Rashguard. Grab your pair today!


  • Reinforced T3 Stitching for Ultimate Strength and Durability.
  • Made With Stretch Fabric and Split Side Seams for Unrestricted Range of Motion.
  • Exclusive Inner Grip Waistband System to Ensure Your Shorts Stay Securely in Place.
  • Innovative Tie System With Indestructible Webbing for a Distinct, Customized Fit.



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