Bad Boy
MMA Ear Guard


Bad Boy MMA Ear Guard

For the Ultimate Protection!

Strengthened plastic ear cups with soft cotton interior for maximum protection and comfort for you and your training partner. A fully adjustable 3 strap protection system that offers maximum adjustability and security, ensuring minimal movement when fitted to the head. Offering ultimate protection when training involving groundwork.

Ideal for grappling during your MMA training


  • Sleek, light design offering ultimate comfort
  • High levels of protection for the ears whilst grappling
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Hardened ear cups
  • Helps prevent common injuries such as cauliflower ears

Why Use MMA Ear Guards

Impact to the outer ear may damage drainage causing accumulation of blood. The blood clot bloats up the ear, distorting it. A certain layer of the ear (the perichondrium to you eggheads) is separated from the cartilage. This prevents nutrition of the cartilage and its death. (To stop your boredom…) More scientific processes occur and the ear can be permanently deformed. This is a badge of courage among some fighters, wrestlers and grapplers. For other martial artists, partcularly the pretty boys, it’s an aesthetic dillema. In this population of martial arts practitioners, they need mma gear like earguards to prevent potentially ear-deforming trauma.

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